Matt Durdin

Instructor Matt Durdin Unrivaled Fitness

Co-owner, coach

Coaches strength and conditioning, kickboxing / available for personal training, nutrition consultation

Over 11 years of professional personal training experience

Certified personal trainer through ISSA (International Sports and Science Association) and ACE (American Council on Exercise)

Precision Nutrition certified coach, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist

FMS (functional movement screen), Pre and Post Natal

Matt's Philosophy

My passion is to help my clients achieve optimal health, body composition, and performance. I consider it a privilege to be trusted with your safety and to help you reach your goals. Every day is different in most people's lives. There are days when you need to be pushed hard and other days when you just need to laugh and get moving a little. I pride myself on taking no shortcuts and strive to be unrivaled as the best coach possible!


Marty Chuick

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Co-owner, coach

Coaches Strength and conditioning, Rowing / available for personal training, nutrition consultation

Over 9 years of professional personal training experience

Certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Battle Ropes, Precision Nutrition Coach

Accomplishments: 1/2 marathon and 5 olympic distance triathlons

Marty's Philosophy

Throughout my life, my passion for fitness has been shown through my love of competition, improving my personal performance, and increasing my mental willpower. The only difference is that now I have fallen in love with teaching and inspiring others to do the same.

Becoming a personal trainer has led me to further my education and learn how to be an efficient coach and athlete. Learning limits about myself and others, understanding how to properly demonstrate techniques, as well as conquer boundaries are my specialties. An unrivaled program consisting of proper functionality, mobility, strength, agility, stamina, and recovery in a safe environment is what you can expect from me.


Andrew Hoffman



Coaches strength and conditioning, rowing, kettle bells / available for personal training

Over 7 years of professional personal training experience

Russian Kettle Bell Certified, RKC1

Certified personal trainer through ISSA

Power Plate Certified

Andrew's Philosophy

Training entails many different aspects. At Unrivaled Fitness we work to build a resilient and healthy body. Each individual requires a different path to success. To me, training is not a job, but a craft I enjoy teaching and sharing with others. I personally had four reconstructive leg surgeries as a child. I know what it's like to have challenges when it comes to physical performance. Anyone is capable of beating the odds with the right training program and focus. If we work together and put our mind and body to the test we can accomplish our goals.


Steve Jurkovic



Coaches Strength and conditioning / available for personal training

Over 4 years of training experience

NSCA certified personal trainer, Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1, Original Strength Foundations, Trigger Point Level 1, ACE pre/post-natal

Masters degree in molecular pharmacology; NCAA Division II football player; 3 Chicago marathons

Steve's Philosophy

Regardless of your fitness goals, training towards achieving them should be a fun, rewarding experience! Unfortunately, we often run into road blocks and are forced to either change our goal or continue on in frustration. Just like we would get a tutor for a tough subject in school or a mentor for a tough project at work, a personal trainer can shed new light on areas you're struggling with (or areas you're unaware of that need attention!) I focus on spotting the issues that are limiting your movement or causing you pain. Turning them into learning opportunities that give you a greater sense of your body and fill in the gaps that lead to consistent progress.

Through my 20 years of personal experience in fitness, I have experienced success, setbacks, and injuries, which have all led to a better understanding of how I can coach others. I've learned that training harder isn't the only answer; training smarter will start you on a safe path towards not just reaching your goals, but toward the feeling of confidence that you can reach your goals. The road to your goals is then a balance of precision, grit, and consistency, and when you learn how to control your body and move properly, you gain the confidence needed to train smarter while you train harder.